How to Block a Website


How to block a website is very famous Question which people want to solve so we have done solve this problem below read carefully and do as we write….

Block website using internet explorer

Open internet explorer

click on tools and then internet options



Click on Privacy and then on sites



After click on sites then you can add site (only one site can block in the case)


and click on OK   site will be block

2 – Block website using internet explorer 9 and 10

First you must click on

gear icon

then click on

Internet options

then clock on



Restricted sites > sites > types in the site   address bar


click on add and then Ok  site will be restrict..

How to Block Website Using Firfox

First install add-on then click

1 – Open firfox

2 – Add-ons

3 – Get Add-ons

4 –  Choose Browser All Add-ons

5 –  add site in search bar

How to Block a Website using Google Chrome

1- Open google chrome

2 – Click the wrench symbol in the up right cornet

3 – Click under the Hood Tab

4  click security

5 – click on restricted sites

6- click double on sites




7 – type the site for block ….



Note = All information are not 100% correct so you can use other sites also for correct information.








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